Moving Company Stockholm

Are you moving in Stockholm? Are you looking for help from a reliable and trustworthy moving company? If that’s the case, we on TBA Transporter in Stockholm are the answer. With an extensive experience of transports and storage, we can perform basically anything regarding moving; from packing and storing in warehouse, to transports to the new home and unpacking. It doesn’t get any easier than that.

Customized move based on requirements

Since we make sure to customize every move based on each specific customer’s needs and requirements, the result is always as expected. It is you as a customer who determine how much help that you need with the move, if you’re in need of only the transport or if you want us to take care of everything regarding packing and storing. We’ll adapt after your needs. Add punctuality and trustworthiness and we’re the perfect choice for you. And also – we always offer free RFP.

All according to plan

Allow the move to become something to look forward to instead of dreading. TBA Transporter will always make sure that everything is performed according to plan and to the agreed price. All you have to do is enjoy moving to your new home.

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