Moving to an evacuation apartment

Is a pipe replacement going to be performed in your property, or has an unexpected problem shown its ugly face demanding the residents to move? A move to an evacuation apartment can be stressing enough as it is when everything needs to be packed and brought along. With our long experience of household moves, TBA Transporter will gladly execute the move to your evacuation apartment. When you choose to organize the move yourself it is important to know that is it often a fixed amount that is payed out from the landlord/housing society, you will therefore not have to pay for the move yourself.

Why you should choose us

TBA Transporter has a long experience of performing household moves, both big as small. Regardless if you live on your own in a studio or if you’re a big family in a big apartment, you can feel safe with giving the responsibility for the move to us. We offer overall solutions where we take care of everything regarding your move, from packing and transport to unpackning. You can also choose to pack yourself and hire us for only the transport. The choice is yours, we’ll adapt entirely after your requirements.

Customized move

Arrive to the evacuation apartment in a way involving as little stress as possible. We will customize the move entirely after your requirements where a big amount of respect will be shown to your belongings.

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