Storage & warehousing Stockholm

Are you to move, but you won’t have access to your new home/new facilities for a while? Then storage is the answer for you. TBA Transporter offer storage in temperature controlled storehouses in Stockholm. Thanks to the fact that all storage takes place in completely sealed tray boxes, your belongings will always be safe; all day, all year.

Move with storage

Since we know that the need of storage can vary tremendously, we offer a great variety of tray boxes of various sizes in Stockholm. Store all your belongings from your house or only a part of what you own from the small apartment, the solution presented will be completely customized to fit your need. As connected to both Anticimex as well as security companies, you can be completely safe with allowing us to store your goods.

Trustable move

With a long experience of storage meeting the needs and requirements of today, we’re the obvious choice for you to take care of the need of storage during a upcoming move. With fixed prices and with high service we’re as trustable as punctual.

Contact us at 08-630 05 50 for more information.