Moving abroad

Are you longing to see something new? Is it time to finally take that step to move abroad? When you have decided to move abroad, either on your own or with your family, TBA Transporter are ready to help you with all the practical stuff. We have a long experience of performing moves to other countries and therefore know what’s needed so that the move is executed as smoothly as possible. Regardless if it’s within Europe or far away in the world that you’re going. With special packaging for flight- and boat shipments, we make sure to perform the move from door to door. Always with a reliable help available along the way and a high level of security.

Checklist prior to move abroad

When moving abroad, it’s a couple of things that’s worth keeping in mind. Here below we have gathered together a checklist on such things.

  • Take the time to go through what to bring, are you bringing everything or just a part of it? Seize the opportunity to throw what’s not needed.
  • Check your budget. What type of move can you afford?
  • Check the expiration date of your passport. Do you need a visa?
  • Check if your driving license is valid in the new country.
  • Decide for what kind of home you want/need. Is renting enough or is it preferable to buy?
  • Order Forwarding Mail.

Think twice

By thinking twice, the move abroad will not only be exiting but also de-stressing and practical. TBA Transporter will gladly help you to your new country, regardless if it’s a temporary move or a permanent one.


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