To be considered before moving

For a move to be conducted as smooth and as time-efficient as possible, it is important that you pack in a way that eases the move instead of making it more difficult. If you do so, both the transportation as well as the unpacking will be finished a lot quicker which in its turn will enable you to feel at home in your new home a lot faster. Here below we have collected a checklist of a few things that’s worth keeping in mind.

Checklist prior to move

  • Plan the economy – are you going to choose a moving company with a fixed price or an open hourly rate? Contemplate how extensive your move might come to be, if it will be accomplished in a few hours or if a whole day will be needed. TBA Transporter offer both price alternatives.
  • Clear out everything unnecessary that you have in your home. Don’t forget the attic and your storage, maybe you’ll find something that you can sell and make some money on?
  • Use moving boxes when packing. Bags risk tearing apart and therefore damaging your possessions.
  • Don’t pack too heavy, both for your own good as well as the removers. When you pack books, pack only half of the box with books and the remaining with e.g. pillows. Same goes with heavy kitchen utensils.
  • Colour code the boxes. Feel free to be a bit forward-looking and write which box is going to which room. It will both aide and hurry up the movers’ work as well as it will make is easier for you to find what you need.
  • Roll up the carpets and tie them together.
  • Save the light sources for last. It isn’t much fun to live in complete darkness the days prior to a move.
  • Save some kitchen utensils so you don’t have to eat out the whole week before the move. Pack these so that they are easy to find when you’re in your new home.

To be considered before a move

To make sure that your upcoming move will be performed quick and easy with a price that suits you, it is important to choose a moving company that you feel safe with. TBA Transporter have a long experience of performing moves in Stockholm where every move is customized to fit each customers’ specific need.


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